FRETT BUZZ BLOG, FALL 2014 "Thoughts on A New RecordIng Project!"



“Lion of the tribe of Judah 
(Lord of the People of Praise)!

  Thoughts on A New RecordIng Project!




Dear Friends, 

I have not written much since suffering a stroke five years ago last Easter Sunday morning but at this time I feel the Lord prompting me to begin seeking Him in regards to and writing intentionally towards a follow up to my 2009  Jerichos & Giants release.  There are currently lots of unknowns and I believe I am to begin praying for answers in regards to these... The first being, The Songs... I believe this project is to be a Worship, Praise, & Thanksgiving themed response to the miraculous work of the Lord for my healing and for sustaining my life!  In fact, I already have the title song written that I’m excited to feature on this new, upcoming project tentatively entitled, “Lion of the tribe of Judah (Lord of the People of Praise)!

In addition to the songs my prayers will also be focused on asking the Lord how I am to accomplish the recording of this new project since following the stroke I found it necessary to sell most of my recording gear in order to pay the bills once I discovered that I would not be working for a season!  


Finally friends, I thank all of you in advance who are willing to pray with me as I seek the Lord for answers in regards to the many issues surrounding my next recording project!


Stephen Levi Anderson